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about us

In the best medical services around the world, the trends are towards evidence-based medicine and patient-centered treatment. This site is designed to bring together academics, professionals and patients to share information and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction. The intention is to share the latest information and give all the interested parties a chance to contribute to a conversation about how to maintain the highest possible standards in treating this difficult disorder.

Edguidance.com is written in simple, easy-to-understand English. Even when technical jargon is used, the words will be explained. We want to improve the level of trust between doctors and patients by breaking through the barrier of medical jargon. Patient-centered care depends on the patient having a clear understanding of all the issues and being able to make an informed decision.

You can use Edguidance to find out about the latest methods for the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems, and to explore the range of drugs currently available.

The people who write the content will be:
• specialists, physicians, or nursing professionals with relevant experience;
• academics who have spent years studying the problems;
• journalists and editors with extensive medical background.

This Website reflects the trend to team-based, evidence-led diagnosis and treatment. This is holistic, making the patient the center of attention as medical professionals from relevant specialisms come together to share their knowledge and apply it to the individual.

Edguidance also has a medical oversight board for editorial purposes. This decides the focus of the site, making whatever changes are necessary to keep up-to-date with the latest medical advances. On edguidance you can also read the experience of real patients who will tell you what having these problems feels like, how they tried to cope, what difference treatment made, and so on.
The overall intention of edguidance is to help people stay healthy for longer, reflecting your desire to receive the most effective care, i.e. your treatment guided by the latest evidence from medical trials and current research.

Website Disclaimer

The content of edguidance is not intended to give medical advice. Here you will find text, images, graphics, and links to other sites that may also offer information. No matter what the form of the content, the sole intention is to provide information. Nothing that appears on this site is to be taken as a substitute for medical advice from a qualified professional. If you think it possible you may have a medical problem, do not delay a consultation. Indeed, if you think it an emergency, call 911.

It is vital you get a proper and timely diagnosis from your physician or some other qualified health provider. Thereafter, all questions affecting the nature and extent of any treatment should be controlled by your medical team. Any reliance you make on this content is at your risk. It is possible this site may contain or make reference to sexually explicit content. If you find this material offensive, you should not use this site.