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This page offers definitions and phrases of various Erectile Dysfunction related terms.
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Abdomen -  The part of the body below the ribs and above the pelvic bone that contains organs like the intestines, the liver, the kidneys, the stomach, the bladder, and the prostate.
Acquired anorgasmia -  Inability to have an orgasm due to side effects of medical therapy.
Adenoma -  A benign, noncancerous tumor in which the cells form glandular structures
Alprostadil -  prostaglandin El- for the treatment of erectile dysfunction it may come in several forms, a suppository that is placed into the urethra (MUSE) or as a liquid form for intracavernous injection (Caverject or Edex).
Androderm -  Topical form (patch) of testosterone used for testosterone replacement therapy.
Androgel -  Gel form of testosterone used for testosterone replacement therapy.
Androgens -  Hormones that are necessary for the development and function of the male sexual organs and male sexual characteristics (e.g., hair, voice change).
Anejaculation -  Inability to ejaculate.
Anesthesia -  The loss of feeling or sensation. With respect to surgery, means the loss of sensation of pain, as it is induced to allow surgery or other painful procedures to be performed. General: A state of unconsciousness, produced by anesthetic agents, with absence of pain sensation over the entire body and a greater or lesser degree of muscle relaxation. Local: Anesthesia confined to one part of the body. Spinal: Anesthesia produced by injection of a local anesthetic into the subarachnoid space around the spinal cord.
Aneurysm -  Pertaining to a penile prosthesis, an abnormal dilation of the prosthesis related to weakening of a part of the cylinder.
Angina -  Pain in the chest, with a feeling of suffocation, that occurs with decreased blood flow and oxygenation to the heart.
Anorexia -  Loss of appetite.
Anorgasmia -  Failure to experience an orgasm during sex. See also Acquired anorgasmia and Congenital anorgasmia.
Antidepressant -  Medication to relieve depression.
Arteriography -  A test for identifying and locating arterial disease in the penis, using ultrasound and injected contrast to find constricted or blocked arteries.
Artery -  A blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood from the heart to other parts of the body.
Atherosclerosis -  Hardening of the arteries, often related to smoking.
Autoinflation -  Pertaining to penile prosthesis, spontaneous inflation of the prosthesis without manual pumping.
Axial rigidity -  The rigidity as measured along the axis or length of the penis.