This page offers definitions and phrases of various Erectile Dysfunction related terms.
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Iatrogenic -  Resulting from treatment by a physician, such as from medications, procedures, or surgery.
Impotence -  The inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection satisfactory for the completion of sexual performance.
- Synonyms: erectile dysfunction
Incidence -  The rate at which a certain event occurs, e.g., the number of new cases of a specific disease occurring during a certain period.
Indication -  The reason for doing something.
Inpatient -  A patient who is admitted to the hospital for treatment.
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus -  Diabetes in which the body does not produce sufficient insulin.
Interposition -  The act of placing between.
Intracavernous -  Into the corpora cavernosa.
Intracavernous pressure -  The pressure within the corpora cavernosa, as measured during cavernosography.
Intramuscular -  Pertaining to the muscles, injection into the muscle.
Intraurethral -  Placed into the urethra.
Intraurethral alprostadil -  see MUSE.
Investigational -  see experimental.
Ischemia -  Deficiency of blood flow to an area that compromises the health of the tissue.