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LevitraLevitra was the second ED treatment medication introduced to the market after Viagra and many have thought that it doesn’t have a chance in this market. But the fact that Levitra is still available in countless shops on par with Viagra and Cialis speaks for itself. The drug is demanded and used by millions of men worldwide in order to overcome erectile dysfunction and restore normal sexual life. It is sold both through ordinary drugstores and numerous online pharmacies, so there’s no problem in finding and getting Levitra for treating erectile problems.

Being a PDE-5 inhibitor, Levitra is similar in its mechanism of action to other ED medications. It works by relaxing the muscles at the base of the penile shaft, which allows more blood to flow inside the penis. And as we all know, the better blood flow in the penile shaft, the stronger and more durable are the erections obtained. When ED occurs, the main problem is that there’s no proper blood flow in the penis, resulting in weak and unstable erections. PDE-5 inhibitors like Levitra don’t affect the cause of ED itself (which can range from diabetes to heart diseases) but rather make it possible for an erection to occur. However, keep in mind that an erection won’t just “pop up” on its own after taking the drug. It requires sexual stimulation and arousal just like in typical sexual activity.

Many compare Levitra to Viagra, claiming that there’s no big difference between these two drugs and they are identical. Fact is that both drugs are PDE-5 inhibitors and act in the same way, but here all similarities end. Levitra is often called as a backup option, because many of those who find Viagra or Cialis ineffective obtain great results with Levitra. Besides, unlike Viagra, Levitra can be safely taking with or without food, and even moderate amounts of alcohol do not influence the effectiveness of the drug. That’s why Levitra is often the ED pill of choice among those who like to enjoy a romantic dinner with their significant other before enjoying intimacy, without worrying about food interactions or side-effects.

Concerning substance interactions and negative symptoms, Levitra shares them with other PDE-5 inhibitors as well. For instance, it is restricted to use Levitra with any medications based on nitrates (usually employed for treating chest pain), for such combination can result in drastic and even fatal drop in blood pressure. It is also dangerous to use Levitra while having such health conditions as liver or kidney disease, heart attacks or strokes, serious blood pressure problems, restriction on having sexual activity in general. If you have any of these, you should talk to your doctor and discuss the possibility of using Levitra. For some adjusting the dosage will do just fine, while others won’t be able to take the drug at all.

Remember that Levitra is a great drug, especially if other ED pills didn’t provide you with the effects you’ve been expecting. So discuss the possibility of using Levitra for treating erectile dysfunction with your doctor and maybe it will help you too!

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