Psychosexual Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

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Your Relationship Is Your Home Base

Psychosexual Therapy
As you weigh the medical options available to you, remember to return “home” – to your partner, your intimate relationship – to make your decisions. While any medical decision is an individual choice, remember that because it affects your sexual relationship, it is also inherently a relationship decision. Consider and respect your partner’s feelings and preferences. Ask her view, remembering that two heads are better than one. Research on the effectiveness of surgical penile prostheses (“implants”) established that while surgical implants are technically effective in achieving erections, the ultimate effectiveness – satisfaction – largely depended on whether the sexual partner accepted the intervention (Sidi, Reddy, and Chen 1988). In too many cases, when the partner was not involved, surgery would create a good erection, but it had no place to go. Remember that sex is not so much about performance (erections) as it is about sharing pleasure and intimacy. Taking a pill may technically produce a fine erection, but does it guarantee sensitivity and cooperation in the bedroom? Keep your perspective. Your relationship is home base.

Medical Treatment Can Help Treat Psychological ED

Medical treatments can also be used to help when a psychological cause blocks your sexual progress. When out-of-control performance anxiety causes or maintains ED, you may use an oral medication to do an end run around the anxiety. The medication works together with your psychological effort to lessen your anxiety. Medication acts as an “insurance policy” to help you reestablish your sexual confidence. Gradually, you can taper off the medication as your performance anxiety is alleviated.